About Us

I'm Kati Kasich.  Ryan, my husband, entered the Flag industry in 2000 - I followed in 2008.  We opened our own company, A-1 Flags, Poles, and Repair, LLC, in 2016 and service rural and residential customers, plus governments and businesses, in USA's Heartland.  We offer high-quality service and products at competitive prices in a timely manner. 
Our First Responders had a profound and lasting impact on my great-uncle Bob's life.  He tells of seeing his Mom & Dad playing cards in their kitchen with two uniformed policemen in 1936 - when he was 5; and at age 14, an officer becoming his go-to advisor when his dad died in 1945. Years later he was carried, unconscious, from a smoke-filled apartment by Firefighters. Their Medics treated his burns and gave him lots of oxygen. Together, they saved his life. Uncle Bob says "No doubt, Law Enforcers, and Firefighters and their Medics, are exceptional people."

Nearing the end of his time, he wanted to leave behind a worthy symbol of service to others.  Focusing on his life experiences - and my being in the flag business - First Responders won out.  He saw they didn't have their own flag, each branch had one stripe on a then altered American Flag.  He had his cause.  Uncle Bob, Ryan, and I knew they really merit moreSo he designed "A Flag Of Their Own"!

First Responders are dedicated, courageous men and women who, 24/7, risk their own lives protecting the lives and properties of those they don't even know!

THAT Makes Them GOLDEN       

  honors and is dedicated to First Responders   
            Past, Present, and Future.
"The First Responders Foundation is proud to partner with The Golden First Responders Flag, LLC. Thank you for supporting all first responders, and for supporting the Foundation. It is very much appreciated." 

We all need to show respect and appreciation
for our Golden First Responders. 

 This flag meets that need.

Red (signifying bravery) has represented Firefighters and           Blue (signifying justice), has represented Law Enforcers
for over 100 years.   This flag is half red and half blue. 

It's very hard to read words on high waving flags. This one has an easy to read 1st  because they are "FIRST" Responders, and it's gold because they are “GOLDEN.” It's in the middle, uniting the branches, and leans forward slightly to represent First Responders speeding to help others. 

   Today, fly their flag & you Make THEIR day

 Tomorrow, their actions could SAVE YOUR day 

  A portion of the sales price of each flag sold will be donated to the First Responders Foundation.   

      Thanks for your time and for considering this rewarding offer.

Kati & Ryan