Are First Responders Golden?                                                      Their Flag & Valor Tell Us                                A Flag Of Their Own, Is A Worthy Ideal, Whose Time Has Come

First Responders (and their supporters) live in every rural area, town and city in America. They're dedicated, courageous men and women who 24/7, risk their own lives to protect the lives and property of those they don't even know.  So yes, they are Golden, deserving of a flag of their own, and will love seeing it flying in their honor.

"The First Responders Foundation is proud to partner with Robert Connely, designer and founder of the Golden First Responders Flag. Thank you, Robert, For supporting all first responders." (their social media 7/27/21)

The Golden First Responders Flag LLC, Chamber of Commerce member, found that for more than 100 years Red has represented Firefighters & Blue, Law Enforcers. Connely says, "To honor all 2,000,000 exceptional Golden First Responders, the upper half is red, the lower half blue. They're 'First' so I added a 1st and they're 'Golden' so I made it Gold. It's in the middle, uniting them, and leans forward slightly to show them speeding to help others."  

Our Military serves under one flag of their own – Old Glory. Our Golden First Responders include police officers, sheriffs & deputies, state troopers, firefighters & medics. Now they too can serve under one flag of their own, The Golden First Responders Flag. 

Imagine these Golden Community Assets bursting with pride when seeing their flag flying from residences, businesses, and municipal buildings. Flying it shows appreciation for their sacrifices and those of their families. Yes, now everyone can feel pride by flying this flag - it's available on the internet.

A portion of the sales price of each Golden First Responders Flag sold will be donated to the First Responders Foundation.

Today, fly their flag and you "Make Their Day"

Tomorrow, their actions could "Save Your Day"  

Connely says, "From when I was 5, in 1936, I knew First Responders were exceptional. I founded this company to (1) honor them with a flag of their own (2) provide supporters an easy way to display their respect (3) express gratitude for all they give our nation. That's a Win! Win! Win!"