Q & A

Q: Why did you create this flag? 

A:  My goal in creating this Golden First Responders Flag is to honor them and offer it to you, and as many others of their supporters as possible, at an affordable price so you can easily show them you respect and appreciate their sacrifices - and those of their families.

Q: From where and when will the flags be shipped?

A: They are shipped from Omaha, NE and will ship within two days of your order unless problems due to Covid-19 (or if out of stock due to high demand). Even if out of stock you can still order, and we should ship in around 14 days. 

Q: How long will my flag last?

A: There’s no exact answer — high winds, sun, rain, snow, and flapping against trees or buildings etc will weaken all fabrics.  Some areas of the USA have harsh weather - others not so much.  Flags last much longer if not flown at night.  All flags need your care to extend their life.  For example, at signs of fraying, trim and re-hem; take down if wind exceeds 30 mph; after rain or snow, spread it out to dry.  In view of the above, only flags with factory defects, not wear and tear, are eligible for replacement.

Q: Can I order Flag Kits with stands for indoor use — and flags larger than 3X5?

A: At this time please check with A-1 Flags, Poles, and Repair for future availability of these items.  

Q: Where's the flag made?

A: My goal in this endeavor is two fold.  First, (see first Q & A) to offer to you my flag that honors First Responders at an affordable price. Next, was to have it made here.  Unfortunately, both were not possible, so I was forced to opt for Q & A #1. I believe we can all agree that what matters most is that you are able to afford and fly this flag to show that you honor your courageous Golden First Responders and appreciate their actions to serve and protect. 

Will you be ordering a replacement flag with your first order? Many will, while others will order several flags so they can gift relatives, friends, neighbors - and Golden First Responders.