Testimonial Page

"The First Responders Foundation is proud to partner with
The Golden First Responders Flag, LLC. They share that it is designed to honor police officers, sheriffs & deputies, state troopers, firefighters & medics.
These courageous, dedicated men and women are willing 24/7 to risk their own lives to protect the property and lives of those they don’t even know. That makes them “Golden”.
Without a doubt, they deserve a flag of their own.
 "The Golden First Responders is selling the flag and is sharing part of the profits with the First Responders Foundation.
Thank you for supporting all first responders, and for supporting the Foundation.  It is very much appreciated!"


Here, a retired Police Officer in Santa Cruz, CA is honoring First Responders by flying The Golden First Responders Flag. 


Join Him -  This 3x5 Flag Is Only $29.95 
Flags make Great Gifts