This Design Makes Sense    

The Entire Flag Honors Golden First Responders            

History Becomes Tradition 
RED: 1911: The first Firetrucks were RED Mack Trucks. Flames rise and Firefighters climb ladders to fight fires, so the upper-half is red.
BLUE: 1853: The NY PD was first to wear DARK BLUE uniforms, making it harder for Law Breakers to target Law Enforcers. 
USA's Foundation is Constitutional Law, so the flag's Foundation is blue.
GOLDHistorically, Gold = Valuable Financial Assets. NOW, Golden First Responders are Valuable Community Assets.
The Golden 1st unites them and leans forward slightly, indicating they will be speeding to help you.

Countless Americans oppose altering Old Glory to promote products or causes. They'll find this flag an excellent option. 

Imagine Golden First Responders bursting with pride when seeing Their Own Flag flying at Your Home, and/or Business.
 You too, can feel that pride. How?  Easy  -  Fly Their Flag!

 A portion of the sales price for each Golden First Responders Flag sold will be donated to the First Responders Foundation.
Flags make Great Gifts to Family, Friends & First Responders
Our shipping package only holds up to 5 flags.  Need more?
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Golden First Responders Flag

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